Defenders Of The Cameron Highlands

On a recent trip to Malaysia we visited the Cameron Highlands which is high up in the Malaysian mountain and a region renowned for its tea plantations. While there it was hard not to notice the thousand of Land Rovers which had been worked to destruction.  

They are used agriculturally and worked until there is no life left in them. Once they have driven there last trip down the mountain they are simply left at the side of the road. Hundreds wait there until nature overgrows the wrecks and they start to disappear into the near by jungle.

The reason for so many Land Rovers here is down to a tax law which applies to the highlands where local farmers receive a 10% tax cut. There is one rule though which states the vehicles must only be used for agricultural work and are not allowed to leave the cameron highlands. A local farmer told me ''there are more Land Rovers than people here!''

The weathered paint, crumbling metal and jungle vegetation which is slowly taking over these vehicles only added to the beauty of the legendary Land Rover Defender. Sad in a way to see so many left to rot but at the same time they are like statues to the resilience of the defender as you can see the years of hard work in there dints and scratches.