Arla Protein

Last month I had the pleasure of working with Arla on a campaign for their new protein yogurt drinks.

We shot on location in the lake district and North East coastline.

Arla were keen to use real people instead of models.

OOBE Landscape Architects

I was asked to photograph a landscape architects based in Newcastle. They were keen to move away from the corporate head shots and utilise the creative office space where they are based. Each staff member was photographed at a different location in and around Hoults Yard 

A Deadgood Future

I have had the pleasure of working with Deadgood for many years on various campaigns. Our most recent collaborations came about when I was asked to photograph their 'Deadgood Future' campaign. 

"The collection itself fuses technologically advanced materials, a forward thinking aesthetic and tongue in cheek references, to create a product mix ideally suited to the modern commercial interior. " Deadgood.

Throughout the shoot there needed to be a consistency in lighting and composition. The lighting was kept bright and bold to help define the colour and shape of the product. For the Composition and framing, Deadgood took inspiration from film director, Wes Anderson's 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'. The framing in the film is consistent throughout and involves a lot of symmetrical compositions. Nearly every shot is straight-on and often filmed with a wide angle lens. This is something we incorporated into the 'Future' shoot, with all images meticulously set up and shot in this way. A lot of thought going into the placement of the product on the gridded flooring.

Framing the images in this way was a lot harder than anticipated and threw up quite a few challenges on location. We found that adding depth to the shot was essential to prevent the set up looking too flat and giving it a functional feel. Luckily the location lent itself perfectly to achieving this and is full of sections of angled walls and walkways. The location we used was the amazing Coopers Studios and Ryder Architects 'offices. 

Another Key element to the shoot was the flooring, which is a subtle references to futuristic films such as Tron and Stanley Kubrick's '2001 A Space Odyssey'. This also helped to add a lot of depth and symmetry to the set shots and draws the viewer's eye to the product.

For a more in depth look into the ideas behind the shoot visit their news page.

Cask Gin

I have had the pleasure of taking photographs for Durham Distillery since they first started up and have watched them go from strength to strength over the years.

After starting out with the one original gin, they have since developed a range which includes Vodka, summer and winter berry products. After a conversation with Jess the head distiller I was intrigued to hear about their latest range of cocktails and the newest arrival of a cask aged gin. A small selection of these shots can be seen below.



Campus Life

Me and my assistant had a fun filled week living the student lifestyle on campus at Sunderland University. The shoot was to show everything from classes to student halls and leisure facilities.

Defenders Of The Cameron Highlands

On a recent trip to Malaysia we visited the Cameron Highlands which is high up in the Malaysian mountain and a region renowned for its tea plantations. While there it was hard not to notice the thousand of Land Rovers which had been worked to destruction.  

They are used agriculturally and worked until there is no life left in them. Once they have driven there last trip down the mountain they are simply left at the side of the road. Hundreds wait there until nature overgrows the wrecks and they start to disappear into the near by jungle.

The reason for so many Land Rovers here is down to a tax law which applies to the highlands where local farmers receive a 10% tax cut. There is one rule though which states the vehicles must only be used for agricultural work and are not allowed to leave the cameron highlands. A local farmer told me ''there are more Land Rovers than people here!''

The weathered paint, crumbling metal and jungle vegetation which is slowly taking over these vehicles only added to the beauty of the legendary Land Rover Defender. Sad in a way to see so many left to rot but at the same time they are like statues to the resilience of the defender as you can see the years of hard work in there dints and scratches.


Last month found me back on the farm, this time in Dumfries for a new national Arla campaign. We experienced just about every weather condition in the space of one afternoon, from hail and rain to summer sun.

The Images will be used to adertise the extra 25p which is payed back to the dairy farmers for every bottle which is sold. The images will be used across a wide range of media from large scale supermarket posters to online marketing.